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Stump grinding

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Tree Felling

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About Us

We are a fully compliant company with the experience, training and equipment to ensure safe and efficient completion of work

Our Services 

Stump Grinding 

After we have safely removed any trees from your property we can provide stump grinding to safely remove the stump and roots from the tree on your property. If a tree is removed it can takes years for the stump to rot away leaving your property looking untidy.

Palm tree Cleaning

Palm trees are beautiful and can enhance the look of any property, but if they are not looked after they can start to look messy and unsightly. They need regular maintenance to keep them safe and looking good. Palm tree cleaning is usually necessary at some point during a Palm’s life cycle

Tree Felling

We are specialists in tree removal of hazardous trees and large exotic weed trees. If you are thinking about removing your tree, please contact us we have the skills and know-how to conduct the tree removal safely and efficiently.

Hedge Cutting

Are your hedges too high for you to maintain or too large for your gardener? We have a range of specialist equipment to do so for you. We will shape or trim your hedge to your requirements and if you would like this to be a regular service through us we are more than happy to do so for you. All sections are left clean and tidy and the garden rubbish removed off sight.

Garden Refuse Removal

we are the right garden refusal removal in Cape Town. Our professionals remove all the dead leaves and aged plants and garden waste from your garden leaving your property looking its best. We will have your garden clean and ready within the shortest time possible regardless of its size or your location in the region